hawisDr. Hawis Madduppa is the head of Marine Biodiversity and Biosystematics Laboratory at the Department of Marine Science and Technlogy Bogor Agricultural University (, His research interests are related to marine biodiversity and conservation, dispersal and connectivity of marine environment, ecology and biology of marine fish, population genetics (phylogeography), biosystematics, fish habitat restoration and rehabilitation, and using fish as biological indicator. He is an executive director of Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association (, board of Enhancing of Marine Biodiversity Research in Indonesia – EMBRIO at the Bogor Agricultural University (, He is actively research on whale shark across Indonesia since 2013, and he is the advisor of Whale Shark Indonesia (WS-ID), a collaborative initiative to manage and conserve whale shark in Indonesia (, and actively involved as principal investigator in measure marine biodiversity gradients in Indonesia using Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) ( He is board of Biorock Indonesia, who is working for marine ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation all around Indonesia ( He can be reach through his personal blog (, and YouTube channel (

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